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Chalkboard Wine Coaster Pattern

I did it! I created my first pattern. Officially, the feet lavender sachet was my first pattern but it didn’t involve a sewing machine so I am going to count the Chalkboard Wine Coaster Pattern as my official first pattern. I am horrible with names and frequently when at a party lose my wine glass. I am always too busy eating or talking with people to remember where I put my wine glass. Using these handy wine coasters I am able to find my glass AND if I can not quite recall the name of the person I am chatting with I can look at their coaster ;-).

These coasters can be made quickly and you can easily make a set of 6 in an afternoon. Perfect host / hostess gifts to add to a bottle of wine.  The coasters are also reversible, so pick some pretty fabric to show off when using on the other side.  You can download the Chalkboard Wine Coaster Pattern on  Craftsy or on my Shop page.


Chalkboard Wine Coaster
The other side of the chalkboard wine coaster